Artist in Residence Studio Kura

  • Open Call:Available
  • Grant for travel expenses:Not Available
  • Grant for production:Not Available
  • Grant for living costs:Not Available
  • Support by staff or specialist:Available
  • Studio:Available
  • Exhibit Space:Available
  • Accommodation:Available
  • Exhibition or Open Studio:Available
  • Publication:Available

Focus Area(s):Music, Visual Arts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Design, Performance, Print

Months of Residency:2017/01 - 2019/12: At all times. See details below.

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Months of Application:2017/01 - 2019/12: At all times

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
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Application Guideline

Focus Area(s)

Music, Visual Arts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Design, Performance, Print

Residency Period / Application Period
●Residency Period: At all times
○8 weeks
○4 weeks
●Application Period: At all times
Number of Resident Artists
Number of Resident Artists Up to 11 artists at any given time
Conditions / Provisions
●Age limit: No
●Specification of Countries: No
Applicants should:
* Work on their own project and have some works to show in an exhibition by the end of their residence
* Consider giving a workshop
* Be able to communicate in Japanese or English
* Make a 10,000 yen deposit upon acceptance, which will be returned upon arrival
* Upon arrival, required to pay 80,000 yen per four weeks of stay, for accommodation and use of the installations
* Applicants should take care of transportation, food, materials and all other expenses
●Traveling expense: Not available
●Production fee: Not available
* Studio Kura will print flyers for the exhibition.
●Living expense: Not available
●Professional and staff support: Available
* Available languages: Japanese and English
●Opportunities for presentation/exhibitions: Available
●Publication and distribution of program report: Available
* Special instructions: Reports will be posted on the website.
Application Procedure
Open call
* In order to apply for this program, please submit the form from our website (
Screening Process
Selection committee

Facilities Information

Program Name
Artist in Residence Studio Kura
Administrative Organization
Studio Kura Corporation
Administrative Body
Studio Kura Corporation - Artist in Residence Department
Kura has been supported through the residents by several cultural institute of the artist’s origin.
* CoNCA - Catalan Arts Council – for supporting Jasmina Llobet and Luis Fernández Pons on December 2009.
* ORPHEUS INSTITUUT- for supporting Juan Parra Cancino on June 2009.
* Mondriaan Fund: supported Martjn Tellinga in April 2012
* Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden: supported Martjn Tellinga in April 2012
* Japan Foundation: supported Saran Youkongdee in June 2012
* 3dsense Media School: supported Carol Elizabeth Wee in September 2012, Felder Kwek in December 2012, Bernhard Sitompul in May 2013 and Vidya Andarikha in September 2013
* Le Gouvernement du Grand-duché de Luxembourg Ministère de la Culture: supported Yuko Kominami and Tomás Tello in December 2012
* Centre de Création Choréographique Luxembourgeois: supported Yuko Kominami and Tomás Tello in December 2012
* Austrian Cultural Forum: supported Peter Granser in May 2013
* Newcastle University: supported Christopher Jones in July 2013
* Asian Cultural Council: supported Nigel Bennet in August 2013
Facility Name
Same as above
Facility Address
Same as above
Facility Description
●Studios: Available
* A number of studios to be assigned to the artists that need them.
●Office: Available
* 25 m²
●Exhibit space: Available
* 25 m²
* The gallery is a renovated rice storage silo (kura).
●Accommodation: Available
* Three Japanese traditional two stories houses to be shared.
* Wireless internet connection available at all houses.
Surrounding Environment
The residence is located in scenery Itoshima peninsula area, about 25km from central Fukuoka city. Residents are able to work in rich nature surrounded by ocean and mountains. Presentation of the stay can be held at gallery or places around Kura, with much support to the individual artist.
Fifteen minute walk from Ikisan Station on JR Chikuhi Line
* The time required from JR Hakata Station to Ikisan Station is approximately 40 minutes.
Aiming to communicate culture of Itoshima to other areas and countries and promote international exchange, a rice warehouse was renovated to become an art studio under the initiative of a private individual. The studio launched its residency program in 2007 for guest artists. Every year since then, international artists are invited to the program.
Year of (Program) Commencement
Program Objectives
Support young international artists in their new artistic creation by providing an opportunity to engage in art production in Japan. At the same time, promote the local community’s understanding and appreciation of work and different culture through various programs such as workshop events and art courses by the guest artists.
Program Activities
○ Artist-in-residence program
○ Planning and organizing exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, workshops and other events
○ Arts education
○ Rental galleries
We have more than three residence artists at once on average. All of them show the outcome of their work at the end of their residency. Some of them also give a workshop, and some artists in the past have given lectures and workshops at Kyushu University. 3dsense Media School chooses two of their best students every year for The 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award, which consists in an invitation to join our program. For a list of all artists' outcomes, please refer to our website.
○ In FY 2007: 1 resident
- Exhibition “Heil Welt Frieden “ by Marcel Tasler
○ In FY 2008: 1 resident
- Exhibition “Sacred Artists and Animal Urges”, and artist talk at Kitazaki Junior High school of Fukuoka City by Melissa Steckbauer.
○ In FY 2009: 5 residents
- Exhibition “Zeitwoerter” by Lev Khesin,
- Exhibition “Luminous. Radiant”by Benjamin Füglister
- Exhibition “Kino no nai hahen” by Jasmina Llobet and Luis Fernández Pons
- Concert “Electronic Music Night” Juan Parra Cancino
- Concert“Now Lounge” Meri Nikula
- Workshop“VOICING YOUR BODY” Meri Nikula
- Workshop“capture the light" Benjamin Füglister
○ In FY 2010: 3 resident
- Concert “Journeys of Past and Present”by Jane Rigler
- Shih Yun Yeo “408 hours in Itoshima”+workshop at Miyazaki ART Center
- kYra Storm van Leeuwen “Studies in Serial Beauty. Culture. and the Quantative System”
○ In FY 2011: 3 invitees
- Joohee Yang “A growing point: Tiny Chaos”, Bas Noordermeer “Still in Itoshima”
- Juliane Eirich “Das Haus der alten Dame+workshop at Kyusyu University”
Past Residents
Adrienne Kammerer, Akie Ooba, Alan Cernak, Alexander Irving, Alexander James Romero, Alexandra Abbatiello, Ali Hanoon, Amjad Akash, Amy M. Ho, Andrea van der Hillen, Andrée-Anne Mercier, Andrew Prayzner, Angela Chen, Anne-Sophie Guillet, Ashley Yeo Yakka, Bas Noordermeer, Beck Wheeler, Benjamin Fueglister, Bernhard Sitompul, Beste Miray Doğan, Betty Susiarjo, Bissan Rafe, Boris Tsui, Brandon Joel Fernandes, Bushra Burge, Calum Sutherland, Cameron McIntosh, Carla Cañellas, Carol Elizabeth Wee, Cathy Laudenbach, Charlotte Clermont, Cheong, Chiu Wan-Ting, Christopher Jones, Claire Pendrigh, Colin Peel, Daniela Tenhamm, Danilo Oliveira, Darae Baek, Davin Tan, Elena Boils, Elise Broadway, Elvira Lantenhammer, Emilie Lang, Enriqueta Vendrell, Erin Robinson Grant, Felder Kwek, France Dubois, Francisca Derqui, Gabrielle Zimmermann, Gagliardi Antonio, George Liu Zhen, Gert-Jan Akerboom, Guillaume Cousson, Guy Sherwin, Gwynessa Balvanz, Hanna Lee, Hannah Atcheson, Hannah Quinlivan, Hannah Reber, Hannie van den Bergh + Jan van den Berg, Haryo Hutomo Mohamad, Hoi I, Hong Huazheng, Hugh Davies, Ien Dobbelaar, Inkeri Jäntti, Isabelle Kawai Vincent, Jane Rigler, Jasmina Llobet, Jem Magbanua, Jen Hitchings, Jeongsoo Lim, Jesse Ng, Jessica Skupa, Joanna Vymeris, Joohee Yang, Jordan Gower, Joycelyn Ong, JP Neang, Juan Parra Cancino, Julia Mejnertsen, Julia Peintner, Juliane Eirich, Julie Forgues, Justin Lee, Kat Teede, Kate Gorrie, Kerry Lessard, Kevin Chin, Konstantin Grebnev, Kristine Marx, kYra Storm van Leeuwen, Lacourt, Laura Ortego, Laura Williams, Lauren Marie Britton, Lauren Orchowski, Laurence O’ Toole, Leanne Dunic, Lev Khesin, Liliane Zumkemi, Lilly Buttrose, Linsey Walker, Lionel Lim, Lisa Ghent, Luis Fernández Pons, Lynn Loo, Lærke Lauta, Madeline Lynch, Marcel Tasler, Maria do Carmo Louceiro, Marijke Wijgerinck, Marina H.S Pu, Mark Yong, Marsha Anne McDonald, Martjn Tellinga, Mary-Beth Acres, Maxwell Nalevansky, Melissa Beattie, Melissa Steckbauer, Meri Nikula, Mia Mala McDonald, Michael Amter, Michelle Pei Ting Huang, Miguel Blanco, Molly Garcia-Underwood, Monique Lütolf, Nancy Ryan Keeling, Naomi Soh, Nazia Andaleeb Preema, Nellie Rogerson, Neuneu Woo, Nigel Bennet, Novemto Komo, Park Hyun Ji, Patricia Couveiro, Paul Nicholson, Pengcheng Chen, Peter Granser, Philippe Beer Gabel, Philippe Caron Lefebvre, Pia Johnson, Prasanta Kumar Kolay, Rachel King, Rajiv Alvares, Ricwan Icarus Sentana, Rob Ball, Rose Dickson, Roseanne May, Ruby Silvious, Samina Islam, Sarah Bertrand-Hamel, Sarah Nguyen, Sarah Webber, Saran Youkongdee, Sebastián Riffo, Serena Della Bona, Shari Diamond, Shellaine Godbold, Shih Yun Yeo, ShinYeon Moon, Shuwen Xu, Silas Thomas Parry, Sol Tan, Solal Israel, Sophia Oldsman, Stassja Mrozinski, Stefano Buro, Stephen Kavanagh, Stina Lavenius, Suyeon Na, Tara Benjamin-Morgan, Tess Kelly, Thane Lund, Theresa Daddezio, Thomas Hadland, Thomas Hoeren, Tim van der Meer, Tomás Tello, Tomer Reuven, Tsai-Yi-Chi, Vidya Andarikha, Vieno James, Wang Min, Wenting Tao, Xuewei Loy, Yuko Kominami, Yuwen Xue, Yvonne Koo, Zac Grenfell, Zack Zook
Artist in Residence Studio Kura
586 Nijomasue, Itoshima, Fukuoka, 819-1613
TEL: 092-325-1773 / FAX: 092-325-1773
E-mail: info(at)
Contact Person: Hirofumi MATSUZAKI
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June 22, 2017