Kamiyama Artist-in-Residence (KAIR)

  • Open Call:Available
  • Grant for travel expenses:Available
  • Grant for production:Available
  • Grant for living costs:Available
  • Support by staff or specialist:Available
  • Studio:Available
  • Exhibit Space:Available
  • Accommodation:Available
  • Exhibition or Open Studio:Available
  • Publication:Available

Focus Area(s):Visual Arts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Print

Months of Residency:2017/08 - 2017/11: See details below

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Months of Application:2017/01 - 2017/03: See the website for more details.

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Application Guideline

Focus Area(s)

Visual Arts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Print

Residency Period / Application Period
●Residency Period: End of August – November, 2017 (about 80 days)
●Application Period: January – March, 2017
Number of Resident Artists
2 or 3 artists
Conditions / Provisions
●Age limit: No
●Specification of Countries: No
The artist should:
○produce at least one finished piece of artwork during the residency period.
○be cooperative with other resident artists.
○be interested in interacting with local residents.
○have conversational English language proficiency.
●Traveling expense: Available
* Roundtrip airfare up to ¥150,000 for overseas artists, ¥75,000 for national artists
●Production fee: Available
* Up to ¥250,000 per artist including material expenses
●Studio: Available
* Studio in a local school building is available for standard residency
●Living expense: Available
* ¥150,000 expenses for meals and daily necessities during residency
●Accommodation: Available
●Professional and staff support: Available
* Arranged according to artists' needs
●Opportunities for presentations/exhibitions: Available
●Publication and distribution of a program report: Available
* PC room: Available (with broadband internet access)
Application Procedure
Open call
Screening Process
Selection committee

Facilities Information

Program Name
Kamiyama Artist-in-Residence (KAIR)
Administrative Organization
Kamiyama Artist-in-Residence Executive Committee
Administrative Body
GreenValley Inc.
Support: Kamiyama cho, Tokushima Prefecture
Facility Name
Facility Address
Facility Description
The program utilizes local school buildings, defunct facilities, and vacant houses as resident artists’ studios.
Surrounding Environment
Kamiyama-cho is a town of approximately 6,000 people in central Tokushima Prefecture, surrounded by mountains and rich nature.
By car: About 50 minutes from JR Tokushima station.
In 1997, Tokushima Prefecture established a new long-term policy to initiate the Tokushima International Cultural Village Project.
This led to the establishment of the International Cultural Village Committee of the Kamiyama International Exchange Association, and the inauguration of the artist-in-residence program.
Year of (Program) Commencement
Program Objectives
To develop the artist-in-residence program as the core program of the Kamiyama International Cultural Village Project
* To provide local residents with opportunities to experience different values
* To assist artists’ career development
Program Activities
1. Artist-in-residence program: Artists work in studios situated in a local school building or vacant facility, and show the outcomes of their residency in an exhibition.
2. Open Atelier Day: Artists open their studios to the public
3. Outreach program: Artists provide classes for local children, in order to develop international understanding through art
4. Eat and communication: Artists and local residents together cook and eat their familiar cuisine from their homes as part of this cultural exchange program
5. Publication: A program activity report is published annually.
From FY 1999 to FY 2016, the program has invited 66 artists (44 non-Japanese and 22 Japanese), and exhibitions have been held to show the outcomes of their residency.
* The program has helped to enhance mutual understanding and interest in cross-cultural communication among the local residents, particularly the children.
* The program has prompted to develop interest in the arts among the local residents, and some have formed supporting groups to independently invite and support artists.
* A prototype for an international artist village has been developed, attracting former resident artists to move to Kamiyama to set up their studios.
* The program is gaining recognition as the center for contemporary art in Tokushima.
Past Residents
Adam Avikainen, Ai Kitayama, Andrea Dezso, Birgit Rathsman, Camera Yamanaka, Cameron Hockenson, Charlotte Brisland, Charlotte McGowan-Griffin, Claire Healy&Sean Cordeiro, Cornelia Conrads, Cornelia Konrads, Daniel Van de Velde, Hajime Mizutani, Hideaki Idetsuki, Hilde Aagaard, Ilgvars Zalans, Ina Schneider, Jasper de Beijer, Karin van der Molen, Kevin Yates, Kriss Salmanis, Linda Gordon, Liz Roth, Marina Carvalho, Midori Hirota, Miyuki Kido, Mutsumi Uchiyama, Nik Christensen, Nobert Francis Attard, Oscar Lloveras, Poh Wang, Quynh Vantu, Rika Aki, Robin Dance, Satoshi Uchiumi, Strijdom van der Merwe, Stuart Frost, Susken Rosenthal, Thu Kim Vu, Ulrika Jansson, Vaughn Bell, Wytske van Keulen, Yui Inoue
GreenValley Inc. (Kamiyama Artist in Residence Committee)
Kamiyama-cho Noson Kankyo Kaizen Center 132 Nakatsu, Jinryo, Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima 771-3310 Japan
TEL: +81-88-676-1177 / FAX: +81-88-676-1177
E-mail: kair(at)in-kamiyama.jp
Website: http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/en/art/kair/
Blog: http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/en/art/
Contact: Keiko KUDO
Last modified
July 4, 2017