Life Experience Residence YUGAKU-Tei

  • Open Call:Not Available
  • Grant for travel expenses:Not Available
  • Grant for production:Not Available
  • Grant for living costs:Not Available
  • Support by staff or specialist:Available
  • Studio:Not Available
  • Exhibit Space:Available
  • Accommodation:Available
  • Exhibition or Open Studio:Not Available
  • Publication:Not Available

Focus Area(s):Not specified

Months of Residency:-

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Months of Application:-

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Application Guideline

Focus Area(s)

Not specified

Residency Period / Application Period
Not Available
Number of Resident Artists
To be determined
Conditions / Provisions
●Age limit: No
●Specification of Countries: No
●Traveling expense: Not available
●Production fee: Not available
●Living expense: Discount available for accommodation fee (4,000yen/night, tax included)
●Professional and staff support: Available
* English speaking coordinator will help for arranging activities aroud the area and living.
●Opportunities for presentation/exhibitions: Not available
* Space within YUGAKU residence is available on request for the presentation.
●Publication and distribution of program report: Available
* We publish annual report of the organization.
Application Procedure
Longterm residents are only accepted through ACC and workshop advisor of A Piece of Cosmos. Short term residence for daily life experience – 1 month maximum- is available at all time
Screening Process
Lomg term residence: Recommendation by ACC, selection board of A Piece of Cosmos.

Facilities Information

Program Name
YUGAKU residence
Administrative Organization
NPO A Piece of Cosmos
Administrative Body
Same as above
ACC(Asian Cultural Council)
Facility Name
YUGAKU residence
Facility Address
Same as above
Facility Description
●Studios: Not Available
●Exhibit Space: Available
* Gallery (1F) / 58 m2
●Production area: Not Available
* Studio(Under Construction)
●Accommodation: Available
2F Wester Style Room/ 23 m2: Shower, Toilet, Wash Stand, Refrigerator, Bed×2, Desk
2F Japanese Style Room / 36 m2: Mini-Kitchen, Shower, Toilet, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven
* Common Kitchen, Common Bath, TV, Wireless LAN, Bike
* Space for experiencing daily life
1F: Hall, open kitchen, shared kitchen, pizza hearth, barbeque space
2F: 4 Japanese style rooms (2 rooms with 6 tatami mat size and 2 rooms with 12 tatami mat size)
Surrounding Environment
Adjacent to Kumano Kodo (a World Heritage site) and Kumano Nada (one of the largest fishing area off Mie prefecture), this area has a longstanding culture of Kumano and maintains the old charm of the traditional cityscape and the characteristics as a fishing town. Good access to old coastal or mountainous trails, as well as to Kumano Sanzan shrines (approx. two hours by car).
Kihoku Town is a small community with a total population of 20,000 people. As major facilities are conveniently concentrated in the area between the ocean and the mountains, which means all major facilities, such as a supermarket and a bank, are within a walking distance.
○By train: One minute walk from Kii Nagashima Station on JR Kisei Line
* To Kii Nagashima Station: two hours from Nagoya, three hours from Osaka
○By car: Approx. 20 minute ride (Route 42) from Kisei-Ouchiyama Interchange of the Kisei Expressway
Since around 2008, we had held study meeting on artist-in-residence programs, in response to a proposal suggesting the possible launch of such a program by using an old folk house and inviting the former residence artists who joined the Kii-Nagashima Sculpture Symposium we organized during the 1980s. In fiscal 2009, the residency program was operated solely by our non-profit organization. However, from fiscal 2010, artists with grant from Asian Cultural Council (ACC) will participate in the program. 2007:Incorporated as an nonprofit organization. Major activities include planting and maintaining hydrangea along public roads and preserving traditional cityscape.
2009: Purchased and renovated a old folk house
2010: Yugaku-tei, facility for learning through hands-on experience
Year of (Program) Commencement
Program Objectives
We strive to ensure rich natural, historical and cultural assets of the Kumano Kodo region are widely appreciated and will be passed down to future generations. We also aim to contribute to community development through our efforts on community beautification and conservation and human capital development.
Our Yugaku-tei was created by renovating 60 year-old folk house made from choice quality lumber wood. Based in this old building, we conduct surveys on abandoned houses, support those who relocated into the town, and carry our other activities to preserve the cityscape; and help visitors and locals communicate and interact with each other; preserve and publicize the local culture and tradition through artist-in-residence programs and youth camp programs for hands-on experience.
Program Activities
* Please specify the program activities
○Hands-on experience programs (experience of agricultural, fishery or forestry job, etc.)
○Supporting the relocation to or having the second house in the house and communicating related information
○Youth camp programs for hands-on experience
○Workshops by artists and experts
○Artist-in-residence program for the artists selected by ACC
●Achievements and Outcomes
FY 2009: Three artists were invited
FY 2010: Residency by 8 artists
In January 2010: Film making project – Production of film work with the theme of “sound of the town”, workshop and screening.
In March 2010: Manga drawing workshop with elementary/junior highschool students.
In May 2010: Lecture for local residents by artists
In August 2010: Workshop on manga production for elementary school students
In September 2010: Work production inspired by the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route (solo exhibition)
In December 2010: Well project (sculpture production, workshop and solo exhibition with surrounding well)
In March 2011: "Ikimonotachi no Keifu" (Family Trees of Living Creatures) by Satoyo Matsuki, the works used Washi, Japanese traditional paper
In June 2011: "Japanese Traditional Lacquer Art Workshop" by Yoshiaki Taguchi, Japanese Traditional Lacqer Artist
In May 2012: Oil Paintings, "Exhibition by Eisaku Fukiage"
In June 2012: "Japanese Traditional Lacquer Art Workshop" by Yoshiaki Taguchi, Japanese Traditional Lacqer Artist
In June 2013: "Pilgrimage routes and artistic activity", the Workshop by Yoko Fukushima and Hiroko Fukumoto
Past Residents
Amanda Belantara, Kianga Ford, Mayumi Oku, Natsuo Motomachi, Satoyo Matsuki, Steven Ward, Tokihiko Ishiki, Ximena Elgueda, Yoko Fukushima, Yoshiaki Taguchi
NPO A Piece of Cosmos YUGAKU residence
128 Higashi Nagashima, Kiinagasima-ku, Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun, Mie Pref. 519-3204 
TEL: 0597-47-2116 / FAX: 0597-47-2116
E-mail: ray(at)
Contact Person: Rei Nakamura
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May 29, 2017