SEIUNKAN Art in Residence (SAIR)

  • Open Call:Available
  • Grant for travel expenses:Not Available
  • Grant for production:Not Available
  • Grant for living costs:Conditional
  • Support by staff or specialist:Conditional
  • Studio:Available
  • Exhibit Space:Available
  • Accommodation:Available
  • Exhibition or Open Studio:Available
  • Publication:Available

Focus Area(s):Not specified

Months of Residency:2017/01-2018/03 : A/N

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Months of Application:2017/01-2018/03 : A/N

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
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Application Guideline

Focus Area(s)

Not specified

Residency Period / Application Period
Invitation Period : Jan – Dec, 2017, A/N (more than two weeks)
Application Period : Dec. 2016 – Dec. 2017, A/N
Number of Resident Artists
about 10/year
Conditions / Provisions
Almost the same condition as that of Woofer with only light work.
Free Accommodation and Free Meals , seasonal Agricultural work help, not affecting the creation of Art works.
○Support for Travelling Expense : Not Available
○Support for Production Fee : Not Available
○Support for Living Expense : Conditional
*Conditions, if any : Accommodation and Food are FREE
○Professional and staff support for creation : Conditional
○Opportunities of presentation/exhibitions : Available
○Publication and distribution of activities report : Available
Will make our own Data Base for introducing art works to the Publics.
○Other conditions, if any : Please leave one Art Works for us with Free of Charge before leaving
Application Procedure
Open call by E-mail
Screening Process
First priority is given to committee, subject to private consultation by expert for help

Facilities Information

Program Name
SEIUNKAN Art in Residence (SAIR)
Administrative Organization
SEIUNKAN AIR Executive Committee
Administrative Body
SEIUNKAN AIR Executive Committee
Native supporters only, and Ongoing Tokyo
Facility Name
SEIUNKAN Farmer’s Guest House Woodland Life Experience
Facility Address
3368 Shigenokou, Komoro city, Nagano 384-0809
Facility Description
○Studies: Available
*Numbers:one room connecting living room
*Conditions:about 10-14 sqm
○Exhibit Space: Available
*Numbers:One or two big living or dining rooms
*Conditions:about 20-30 sqm
○Accommodation: Available
*Numbers:one or two rooms out of 25 Rooms, depending on availability
*Conditions:subject to availability of guest House in season, basically
Equal condition to that of the other guests
*We may ask you to help light working such as withdrawing dishes or distributing dishes to our guests each time of breakfast and dinner time , about 2-3 hours per day in total, or taking care of guests on behalf of our family staffs in case of being busy. Depending on season, we may ask to help some agricultural light works.
We can guarantee accommodation and food free, subject to light type of works. Rooms are all Wi-Fi free, and accommodation service is exactly the same as those for other guests.
Surrounding Environment
Rich of beautiful scenery, located in small regional city at the foot of Mountain side, about 860 meter above sea level, quite, cozy, Peaceful, under time-passing slowly in wodland Life , just 200 km away from Big city.
From Tokyo, just 90 minutes in Shinkansen and local train, 3 hours by express highway bus from Tokyo to Komoro.
10 minutes by car from Komoro IC or Komoro station.
Over the 50 years business experience in guest house, we just launched Airbnb service since June , 2016, and received many overseas artists, designers, photographers, under slow food, local supply for local consumption , protection of environments, etc, and then decided to participate in the AIR to activate our local society.
Year of (Program) Commencement
January, 2017
Program Objectives
We will be happy to help any unknown young artists who would like to come and stay to create or introduce their own artwork in suing our own facility.
We are also very happy to give them royalty fee if they would help us in making private labels for our own PB products, such as honey, wine bottle, wrapping paper bag, coaster, etc, to support art activities in moneywise. We are planning to collaborate with local wine growers or local city government to open a regional art festival so that artists can introduce their own art works, created during their stay with us.
During stay with us, you may participate in workshop with native people here, including high school students, etc,
Program Activities
Opening workshop for local native people or other guests staying with us
displaying and selling the art works Indoor or outdoor with advertising and notice to clients.
Planning to launch regional Art Festival.
After finishing stay with us, please leave at least one art work for us with free of charge.
Two concerts featuring projection mapping and crystal singing bowl performances were held in April 2016, one at the great hall of Seiunkan in Nukachi, Komoro City and another at the great hall of Moro Kaji House Restaurant, presented by local Komoro musician Ogitaka in collaboration with Kaji-san. Each was enjoyed by about 50 audience members from the local community. The concerts were aired live on Facebook, and later uploaded to YouTube, attracting over 100 views as well as numerous comments and likes from Japan and abroad. The concerts were highly successful in promoting interactions with local residents.
Seiunkan AIR is currently conducting activities to conserve and promote knowledge pertaining to plants that are fed on by Lycaeides argyrognomon lotis (Reverdin’s blue), an endangered species of butterfly. The project is carried out in partnership with a private museum in the neighborhood (approx. 5 minutes on foot), which assembles and displays a large collection of butterfly specimens. In addition to actively loaning artworks to the museum for display, Seiunkan is involved in activities for preserving the local scenic beauty, in restoring the thatched roof of the Gesso-ji Temple Amida Hall, and in reviving the former Music Hall.
Past Residents
Alan Cernak, C. Lily, Jerome Chee, Scaerlett O’hannna, Shuwen Xu
SEIUNKAN Farmer’s Guest House Woodland Life Experience
Address : 3368 Shigenokou, Komoro city, Nagano 384-0809
TEL : 0267-22-0564 / FAX : 0267-22-0564
E-mail :
Person in charge:Minoru NAKAMURA
Last modified
July 4, 2017