Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016

  • Open Call:Available
  • Grant for travel expenses:Available
  • Grant for production:Not Available
  • Grant for living costs:Available
  • Support by staff or specialist:Available
  • Studio:Not Available
  • Exhibit Space:Not Available
  • Accommodation:Available
  • Exhibition or Open Studio:Available
  • Publication:Available

Focus Area(s):photography/video
* Animation production

Months of Residency:2016/01 - 2016/03

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Months of Application:2015/07 - 2015/09:See details below

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Application Guideline

Focus Area(s)

* Animation production

Residency Period / Application Period
● Residency Period: January 7 to March 17, 2016
● Application period: July 1 to September 10, 2015
Number of Resident Artists
Conditions / Provisions
○ Age limit: Yes (20 to 35 years old)
* Applicants must be within the above age limit as of September 10, 2015, the last day of the application period.
○ Nationality limit: Yes
* Applicants must reside outside of Japan and be a citizen of a country other than Japan.
○ Other conditions Applicants must:
* Have had at least one of their animated works screened at an international film festival, video show, or other event where works from other countries are also exhibited;
* Be able to speak either English or Japanese at least well enough for daily conversation;
* Be in good health; and
* Have access to an environment (Skype, etc.) that allows them to undertake an online interview.
○ Travelling expense: Available
○ Production fee: Not Available
○ Living expense: Available
* Invited artists will be provided with ¥3,000/day as a living expense, ¥1,290/day as an expense to receive training, and a temporary residence.
○ Professional and staff support: Available
* Accomplished Japanese animation artists and experts will provide necessary guidance and supervision.
○ Opportunities for presentation/exhibitions: Available
○ Publication and distribution of activity records: Available
* An activity report will be produced and posted on the website.
Application Procedure
Open application
Screening Process
A selection committee consists of experts will make two rounds of selections (the first based on applications, the second based on interviews conducted via the Internet) to arrive at a preliminary selection of three invited artists. Those selected will be contacted by mid of November and, once all conditions of participation have been confirmed, the successful candidates will be formally announced.

Facilities Information

Program Name
Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016
Administrative Organization
Japan Image Council (JAPIC)
Administrative Body
Facility Name
Facility Address
Facility Description
○ Production studio: Not available
○ Exhibition space: Not available
○ Accommodation: Available
* Long-term stay hotel (one bedroom with living/dining/kitchen area; 51.53 m2; in 2014)
* The type of accommodation is subject to change depending on the year.
* The accommodation includes production space.
Surrounding Environment
Tokyo -- a city where advanced technology coexists with tradition. There are numerous cultural facilities including art galleries and cinemas.
● Hotel (Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku, FY 2014)
○ A 15-min walk from JR/Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station
○ A 3-min walk from JR Okubo Station on the Chuo-Sobu Line
○ An 8-min walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station on the Yamanote Line
● Training venue (Japan Image Council office)
○ An 8-min walk from JR/Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station
○ A 10-min walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station
The Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo program was organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs annually from fiscal 2010 as part of its scheme to support the development of overseas media art creators. The scheme is aimed at raising the level of skills of young creators who will lead media arts in the future by supporting their creative activities via a commissioned organization, as well as at creating an ideal environment to nurture artists, in order to support enhancement of the standard of media arts in Japan.
Year of (Program) Commencement
Program Objectives
The project aims to provide outstanding young animation artists from around the world with an opportunity to come to Tokyo and create new works while directly interacting with Japanese animation culture. The creation of excellent works will be encouraged and international exchanges in the area of media arts will be promoted.
Program Activities
During their stay in Japan, the invited artists, selected for their promising potential, will produce new works under the guidance of Japanese animation experts, while visiting animation studios and educational institutions and meeting various people from the animation and other cultural fields. The invited artists will present their finished works or works in progress at the end of their stay.
FY 2010: Three artists invited; Screening & project presentation events in Tokyo and Kyoto.
FY 2011: Three artists invited; A-AIR × CALF Global Independent Animation (Tokyo) and Global Independent Animation in Kansai (Osaka and Kyoto); Final presentation of the work of each artist.
FY 2012: Three artists invited; Global Independent Animation 2013 (Tokyo) and Global Independent Animation 2013 in Kansai (Kobe and Kyoto); Final presentation of the work of each artist.
FY 2013: Three artists invited; Global Independent Animation 2014 in Kansai (Kobe and Kyoto); Final presentation of the work of each artist.
FY 2014: Three artists invited; Global Independent Animation 2015 (Kobe and Kyoto); Final presentation of the work of each artist.
Past Residents
Alex Grigg, Anna Budanova, Caleb Wood, Chen Xi, Christophe Gautry, Elli Viorinen, Emma De Swaef, Ewa Borysewicz, Immanuel Wagner, Joseph Pierce, Michael Frei, Mikey Please, Natalia Chernysheva, Ofra Kobliner, Tomasz Popakul
Japan Image Council (JAPIC)
2-10-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, 150-0002 Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-6670-5676/ FAX: +81-3-5466-0054
E-mail: aair(at)
Contact Person: Kyosuke Kuroko
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July 21, 2015