AIR 3331 Open Call

  • Open Call:Available
  • Grant for travel expenses:Not Available
  • Grant for production:Not Available
  • Grant for living costs:Not Available
  • Support by staff or specialist:Available
  • Studio:Available
  • Exhibit Space:Available
  • Accommodation:Available
  • Exhibition or Open Studio:Available
  • Publication:Not Available

Focus Area(s):Drama, Visual Arts, Architecture, Crafts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Design, Performance, Print, Fashion

Months of Residency:2018/05 - 2019/03: Year-round. See details below.

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Months of Application:2018/01 - 2018/03: See details below.

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Application Guideline

Focus Area(s)

Drama, Visual Arts, Architecture, Crafts, Photography/Media Arts, Sculpture, Design, Performance, Print, Fashion

Residency Period / Application Period
● Residency Period: From May 1, 2018 to March 29, 2019 ∗Length of stay: Up to 3 months (Minimum 1 month)
● Application Period: From January 22 to March 30, 2018
Number of Resident Artists
Accommodates about 5 projects (individual/group residencies) per month.
Conditions / Provisions
● Age limit: No
● Specification of Countries: No
Applicants should:
- cover the costs of facilities, travel and living expenses, as well as production costs.
- have a conversational level of English (or Japanese)
- have a keen interest in connecting with 3331 and engaging in the local community (Tokyo's Chiyoda City in particular)
- have clear project goals and be capable of carrying out their project independently in a new environment
- be able to produce new work or research during their residence and share their results at the end of their stay

* 3331 residence program prioritizes applications affiliated with creative institutions, universities, foundations, and art spaces, and art foundations.
* This program targets artists/researchers/curators who plan to stay and produce in Tokyo. The program covers all creative fields including visual arts, design, architecture, dance and music.
* 3331 Arts Chiyoda will not offer financial support (grants, scholarships).
● Traveling expense: Not available
● Production fee: Not available
● Living expense: Not available
● Professional and staff support: Available
* English and Japanese
● Opportunities for presentation/exhibitions: Available
● Publication and distribution of program report: Not Available
Application Procedure
Open call
*Please download application form from our website ( and send it with the relevant supporting material outlined in the form to residence(at)
*Applications will close once openings are filled. For availability information, please contact us with your desired residence date.
* Please note that we cannot accept applications by individuals who do not have sources to fund their residence. Priority is given to applicants who have a guaranteed source of funding (i.e. have successfully applied for and been approved by a funding body).
Screening Process
Selected by review panel

Facilities Information

Program Name
AIR 3331 Open Call
Administrative Organization
commandA, LLC.
Administrative Body
Facility Name
3331 Arts Chiyoda
Facility Address
Organization: commandA ,LLC.
3331 Arts Chiyoda, 6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, JAPAN, 101-0021
TEL: 03-6803-2441/ FAX: 03-6803-2442
E-mail address: residence(at)3331(dot)jp
Facility Description
● Studio: Available
● Exhibition Space: Available
* This space can be used as a studio or gallery for production and exhibition purposes.
● Accommodation: Available
● Others: Additional paid event space and an exhibition space for a wide range of purposes such as talk sessions, workshops, and exhibitions. Please contact us for availability.
* For size, amenity information and photos:
Surrounding Environment
At the core of downtown Tokyo, AIR 3331 sits in one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Japan - Kanda. 3331 Arts Chiyoda is a convenient base between sites of tradition and the ultra-modern. Studios and accommodations have easy access to key areas of the art scene and 3331’s audience, and are within walking distance from cultural gems like the used book district of Jimbocho or the pop culture mecca of Akihabara. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching, AIR 3331 is at the core of Japan’s nation-spread excitement.
1 min. from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho Station (Exit 4)
3 min. from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Yushima Station (Exit 6)
7 min. from JR Okachimachi Station (Southern Exit)
8 min. from JR Akihabara Station (Electric City Exit)
Based in a repurposed school, the former classrooms house 4 floors of exhibition space, independent galleries, workshop facilities, creative offices and more - with organic rooftop gardening, a cafe, gymnasium, original shop and ample community space. We are, an accessible artist-run center at the heart of Tokyo's creative scene. With various programs and a diverse influx of visitors to connect with, 3331 serves as a unique base where creative practitioners from all over the world can come together. (
AIR 3331 residency program was launched in 2010, with a studio/gallery space inside 3331 and separate, private accommodations in the downtown core. In 2015, facilities were expanded to include a live-in studio, just one metro station from 3331 Arts Chiyoda.
Year of (Program) Commencement
Program Objectives
Providing an intensive period of stay and production, the AIR 3331 program has been host to artists, curators and researchers who act as “magnets”, interlinking their respective localities through art. The program aims to facilitate discovery and the mutual exchange of diverse values at a local level, inspired by the unique culture, history and stories of the immediate community. The program maintains flexibility in accommodating participants from Japan and overseas who work in a diverse range of genres, including visual and media art, design, performing arts, music and architecture.
Program Activities
Engaging in research, the production of new work, cooperating with different communities, and facilitating events, workshops and exhibitions.
FY2017: 19 artists were invited
FY2016: 29 artists were invited
FY2015: 22 artists were invited
FY2014: 9 artists were invited
FY2013: 9 artists were invited
FY2012: 12 artists were invited
FY2011: 15 artists were invited
FY2010: 9 artists were invited
* Open studio, exhibition and symposium were held in both years.
●Past Residents
Past Residents
Aleksandra Janik, Anna Higgins, Annika Kristensen, Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Barry Whittaker, Brigit Ryan, Cheng Meiya, Chi-Ting Tseng, Douglas Easterly, Egor Jaguonov, Elisabeth Smolarz, Geórg Jagunóv, Hakan Topal, Ida Taavitsainen, James Deutscher, Jan Schacher & Angela Stoecklin, Jasmeen Patheja, Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Virginie Laganière, Jeremy Hiah, Joani Tremblay, Johnny Taylor, Julia Mejnertsen, Jying Tan, Katherine Groesbeck, Katherine Longly, Kumpei Miyata, Lee Chun Fung, Leena Kisonen, Lucie Kim, Madeleine Campbell, Mark Duncan, Matt Grant, Mika Revell, Mirit Weinstock, Mogens Jacobsen, Nellie Rogerson, Piotr Nowinski, Piotr Sieciński, Prilla Tania, Sakiko Yamaoka, Sala Wong&Peter Williams, Shino Hisano, Sho Yoshihama, Shuk Pui Yu, Sorcha Mackenzie, Sreejata Roy, Stefan Hoffmann, Steven Seidenberg & Dr. Carolyn White, Susan Bui, Tetsushi Higashino, The Mott, Vincent J.F. Huang, Wang Jung-Jieh, Wiyoga Muhardanto, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
Organization: commandA, LLC.
AIR 3331 Open Call, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo, JAPAN, 101-0021
TEL: 03-6803-2441/ FAX: 03-6803-2442
E-mail: residence(at)3331(dot)jp
Contact Person: Emily McDowell, Chihiro Yoshikura
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January 21, 2018