“Artist in Residence 2013 Darren Johnston (UK)”

This book is the record of the Artist-in-Residence program conducted by the Museum of Art, Kochi in 2013. Darren Johnston, a choreographer, and visual and sound artist, was invited from the United Kingdom to create stage productions. Collaborating with a software engineer, a composer, and Japanese dancers who were chosen by audition, Johnston created experimental works combining visual images, sound effects, and computer programs, which were finally presented on stage. The book also contains Johnston’s experience of an o-henro (pilgrimage) he made during the first few days of his stay.
This book is bilingual, written in both Japanese and English.

Message from and profile of the guest artist: Darren Johnston
Profiles of participating artists (Japanese artists who participated in the research, guest dancers, musicians)
Residency report
Voices of artists (Robin Beitra, Ruri Mitoh, Misako Kato, Chie Nakajima)
Questionnaire on the presentation
Media coverage
Activities after returning home
Comments from local residents
Production concept
Message from the coordinator
Residency schedule

“Artist in Residence 2013 Darren Johnston (UK)”
Edited and published by The Museum of Art, Kochi
Translation: Matthew A. Nasco, Sachi Nagano
Photographs: Nae Fukata, Taisuke Tsurui
Design: d.d.office
Publication date: March 17, 2014
Size: B5 variant, 28 pages

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