Report on the ARCUS Project 20th Anniversary Symposium, “Art and Local Communities”


This report is an outcome of the ARCUS Project 20th Anniversary Symposium “Art and Local Communities” held on July 7, 2013. The report covers a wide range of topics such as a historical review of activities by the ARCUS Project between 1994 and 2013; keynote reports by former guest artists to ARCUS AIR programs; a case study on activities by Art Tower Mito located in Ibaraki Prefecture; and details of the panel discussion by leading artists and experts in the field of arts and cultural working in Japan and abroad. The report also contains as an appendix an overview of the 20-year history of the ARCUS Project programs.

Table of Contents
Opening Remarks by the Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture
Opening Remarks by the Mayor of Moriya City
Symposium Program
Profiles of Speakers
Keynote Speech by Katsuhiko Hibino: “Hibino Hospital Vol. 63”
Keynote Report 1 by Jun’ya Yamaide: “What makes communities attractive to artists?: Case of the Beppu Project”
Keynote Report 2 by Tiffany Chung: “An artistic approach to re-mapping & archiving collective histories and cultural memories”
Case Report by Toshihiro Asai: “Collaboration between Art Tower Mito and local communities”
Panel Discussion: “What can art projects offer local communities?”
Messages from former guest artists (abstracts)
Appendix: 20 years of data of ARCUS Project programs 1994–2013

Report on the ARCUS Project 20th Anniversary Symposium, “Art and Local Communities”
Edited by the ARCUS Project Administration Committee
Designed by Toshimasa Kimura
Photography by Gosuke Sugiyama
Produced by Gottingham Inc.
Published on February 28, 2014
Published by Ibaraki Prefecture, the ARCUS Project Administration Committee, and the Conference for Creation of Gateway to the Arts in Ibaraki Prefecture Southern Area
Size: A4, 84 pages