“MICRORESIDENCE! 2013/2014: Considering Artist in Residence (AIR)”


This report is an outcome of the Microresidence Network Forum 2014, Tokyo, held on February 21–23, 2014. “Microresidence” is the name of a research subject that Youkobo Art Space has advocated, denoting artist-led small-scale, independent AIRs among diverse AIRs being undertaken around the world. This report covers various topics, including the current state of microresidences in Japan; reports on an AIR program in the Tohoku region after the Great East Japan Earthquake; a description of a workshop conducted in collaboration with artists from Japan and abroad, AIR administrators, and researchers on AIR; an introduction of overseas microresidences; and an introduction of the “Y-AIR” concept which is an emerging collaborative project between AIR organizers and art universities. PDF format is available at the following link:

Table of Contents
Microresidence Case Studies
  1. Japanese Microresidence Now
  2. Rikuzentakata AIR
  3. The Unknown AIR of the CIS
  4. Nomadic International Residence Program
  HomeBase Tokyo/MIZUHO
  5. The Possibilities of a Collaborative Project
Cooperation Between AIR and Art Universities
  “Y-AIR” Concept
  Internship Program
The Current Condition and Challenges of AIR Today

“MICRORESIDENCE! 2013/2014: Considering Artist in Residence (AIR): A home for the creative activities artists — its structure as an important vessel within society and the potentials of a network”
Editor: Teiko Hinuma, Tatsuhiko Murata
Editorial staff: Hiroko Murata, Ayako Ehara, Makiko Tsuji, Haruko Watanabe
Translated by: Jaime Humphreys, Emma Ota
Editorial cooperator: Sadayuki Higuchi, Sachiko Uchiyama: Arts NPO Link
Photography by: The Organizing Committee of the Microresidence Network Forum
Designed by: Ryozo Takashima
Published in March, 2014
Published by: The Organizing Committee of the Microresidence Network Forum/ Youkobo Art Space
Size: A4, 20 pages