“ARCUS Project 1995-2004″

“ARCUS Project 1995-2004″ is the commemorative publication to trace the history of “ARCUS Pilot Project” from 1995 to 1999 and “ARCUS Project” from 2000 to 2004. The book has recorded the activities of 54 artists invited for the 10 years, the outline of workshops and lectures hosted by ARCUS, and the process of projects conducted after the implementation of “Project to Develop International Art & Cultural Exchange (ARCUS Project)” having been made in 1991. The word “ARCUS” stems from a Latin word “porta (gate)” and a coined word “art x focus”. ARCUS aims to function as a gateway to success for prospective international artists and become an art center (art x focus) .

Table of Contents
by Masaru Hashimoto, Governor, Ibaraki Prefecture
by Shinichi Aida, Mayor, Moriya City
by Ralph Samuelson, Administration Committee, Asian Cultural Council
by Fumio Nanjo, Deputy Director, Mori Art Museum
Overview of the ARCUS Project
Artist-in-Residence Program
ARCUS-in-the-Community Programs
ARCUS at a Glance
Artists’ Biography
Press Coverage
Artist-in-Residence for Creating the Community’s Future by Sachiko Kanno, Program Coordinator, The Japan Foundation Information and Resource Center
“Community and Communication” by Katsuhiko Hibino, Artist

“ARCUS Project 1995-2004″
Edited by: ARCUS Project Administration Committee
Design/Print by: Yahata Printing Co., Ltd.
Published in March 2005
Published by: ARCUS Project Administration Committee
Size: A4 irregular, 170 pages