“Chiiki Sozo (Regional Creation)”, Spring 2010, Vol.27

This is vol. 27 of “Chiiki Sozo (Regional Creation)” issued by Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities with special features entitled ‘Think Residence’. It introduces recent cases in Japan and overseas with interview articles and includes a report on 35-year history of Toga-mura in Toyama where succeeded to increase population by plays. It also covers a current status of AIR. This magazine is issued biannually since 1995 and introduces various efforts and activities on regional development.

Table of Contents (Sections)
[Special: Think Residence]
1 ── Mishima-mura, Kagoshima ‘Mishima Djembe School’
2 ── Takizawa-mura, Iwate ‘NPO Theater Group Yuu
3 ── Yamagata-city, Yamagata ‘Tohoku University of Art and Design’
4 ── Kanazawa-city, Kanazawa ‘Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa’
Column ── 35-year history of Toga-mura and Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT)
Column ── Artists who Connect Region and the World
[Esprit on Space] Development of Local Town by “4Culture” Art in King County, Seattle, USA
[Trial Lesson] ‘Shopping Street in Marugamemachi, Takamatsu’: Learning Art Project to Revitalize a Shopping Street
[Round-Table Talk] Door to the outreach of Japanese music
[Illustration Scope] Various Efforts by Akira Shigeyama to Teach the Heart of Kyogen
[Scope] “Kagurazaka Dento Geino 2010 (Kagurazaka Traditional Performing Arts)”, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Shiga ‘Shiga Culture and Arts Learning Support Center’
[Overseas Study] Korea: Reformation of Cultural Policy by the New Government

“Chiiki Sozo (Regional Creation)”, Spring 2010, Vol.27
Published by: Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities
Edited by: Institute for the Arts
Date of issue: March 25, 2010
Size: A4, 68 pages