“Welcome to Residence ── Tokyo Wonder Site: Creator-in-Residence 2006-2010″, Tokyo Wonder Site’s (TWS) Activity report from 2006 to 2010

This includes all activities since TWS Aoyama’s open and it is a sequel of『Tokyo is, 』is a which covers all records from 2001 to 2006. The first half provides an overview of the current and future possibilities for AIR in terms of an international perspective and considerations on the status in Tokyo and Japan. Another half introduces ‘Projects’, ‘Overseas Creators’, ‘Japanese Creators’, ‘Exchange’ and ‘Research’ in addition to the TWS’s projects, a list of creators and an introduction of residence by each country.

Table of contents(Sections)
Prologue | A Vacuum Where Free Ideas Are Born | Yusaku Imamura
Overview | Yusaku Imamura
Activities of an Artist in Residence
Towards New Residency | Yusaku Imamura
The 13th Res Artis General Meeting in Tokyo, 2012
Residence Now #1
[Creator-in-Residence of Tokyo Wonder Site]
Opening Up New Horizons Together The Tokyo Wonder Site Residency Program | Kayoko Iemura
The Significance of the Residence Program as a Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Policy | Yoshiyuki Oshita
Japan’s Artists in Residence in: Ready for the Next Stage | Sachiko Kanno
A Creator’sTake on Residence: 7 Episodes
[Toward New Horizons a Platform for Production, Dialogue and Learning]
Tokyo Wonder Site Residency Program Category
Project | Guest Creator Program / On the Agenda of the Arts / On Site Lab Workshop Series / International Ensemble Modern Academy / Emerging Artist Support Residency Program
International Creator | International Creator Residency Program / International Nomination Program
Local Creator | Local Creator Residency Program
Exchange | Exchange Residency Program / JENESYS Programme
Research | Research Residency Program / Institutional Recommendation Program
[List of Activities and Creators 2006-2010]
[Artist in Residence in the World]
World Artist in Residence Guide
Leading World Organizations Providing Residency Assistanse
TWS General Information
TWS Access Information

“Welcome to Residence: Tokyo Wonder Site Creator-in-Residence 2006-2010″
Publisher: Yusaku Imamura (Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)
Editor: Kayoko Iemura (Program Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)
Editing: Bijutsu Shuppan-sha Ltd.
Editorial Staff: Junji Oshigane(Bijutsu Shuppan-sha)/ Keiichi Murakami / Satsuki Asano / Satoshi Takahashi / Daisuke Harada (Tokyo Wonder Site)
Cooperator: Makiko Tsuchiya / Tamaki Makino (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha) / Miwa Takamura / Mikako Tamamushi (Tokyo Wonder Site) / Taisuke Shimanuki / Motohisa Nishino
Translation: Yoshiko Akiyama, Michael Cooney, Eleanor Goldsmith, Tony Gonzalez, Hart Larrabee, Joseph Reader, Alexander Smith, Philip Soldini (Office Miyazaki Inc.) / Kae Shigeno
Photo: Ken Kato / Toshiya Suda / Yuichioro Tamura / Shigeo Muto / Riichi Yamaguchi / Ryoji Watabe / Participants of the Residency programs
Design: Keiji Terai
Published by: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Publitcation Date: April 25, 2011
Size: B4, 208 pages

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