“Magazine for Document & Critic:AC2″, Vol. 12

This is issued by Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) annually since ACAC’s opening in 2001. In addition to 2010 annual report and review, it includes an interview to Goji Hamada, director of ACAC and main projects in 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ACAC. It also covers a transition and developing period of Japan as well as ACAC. It is written by Makiko Matake, Takashi Shinkawa, Tetsuya Ozaki, Kazuo Amano, Yoshiaki Nishino and others including curators of ACAC.

Table of Contents
Report …… Hiroyuki Hattori
(Winter art lecture 2010 ‘Space Perception’)
Breaking down and rebuilding imagination …… Hiroyuki Hattori
(Yuki Okumura and children ── Imaginary anatomy Aomori version)
Sublimation of soul ── A beauty of Ikebana …… Teiko Hinuma
(Ayako Tsuji ‘Shell Fantasy’)
Silent landscape on ripple of sounds and lights …… Hiroyuki Hattori
(Tetsuya Umeda ‘counter image number system’)
Soaring Water …… Makiko Matake
(Tadasu Yamamoto ‘Falling Water’)
Arts and media in the transition stage ── About ’24 OUR TELEVISION’…… Takashi Shinkawa
(24 OUR TELEVISION ── Nadegata Instant Party)
Three Machiavelli snails …… Tetsuya Ozaki
Social usability of art ── Things passed down by oral history …… Teiko Hinuma
(Mechanism to connect ── Hiroshi Fuji, Toru Koyamada, Tadasu Takamine)
After ?(Question)!And?(Question) Again ── ‘AIR: Be Surprised BIKKURI‘ exhibition …… Kazuo Amano
(Be Surprised BIKKURI)
[Aomori Contemporary Art Centre 10-year anniversary] Art it a great field to overlook the world …… Goji Hamada
[Contributing articles for 10-Year Anniversary] Tadayasu Sakai, Yoshiaki Nishino, Hideyuki Yanagisawa, Keun Byung Yook, Aeneas Wilder, Koichi Kurita, Kanji Wakae, Kei Tsuji, Tsuyoshi Higashijima
[Serial] Avant Garde Magazine ‘Futurism of Masamu Yanse’ …… Yoshiaki Nishino

“Magazine for Document & Critic:AC2″, Vol. 12
Published by Aomori Public College, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
Edited by: ACAC, Taitosha
Design and layout by Yukimi Koeda
Translated by: ACAC
Date of issue: February 28, 2011
Size: B4, 120 pages

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