“trails_komichi:Little stories about Artist in Residence Program, AIAV”

trails_komichi:Little stories about Artist in Residence Program, AIAV
Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV), which opened in 1998 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, prepared a report on its past AIR programs, commemorating the 10th anniversary of its opening. The report introduces to readers the 10th anniversary project titled “trails_komichi” and provides a record of creative activities by a total of 146 artists (83 groups) from 25 countries, together with comments by residence staff members and local peoples. Major visiting artists include Charles Lim, Heini Nukari, Tadashi Kawamata, Ingrid Hora, Sean Snyder, and Candy Factory.

Table of Contents
Blazing a trail
Introduction: An overview of the history of Artist-in-Residence programs over the past decade at Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV)
Trails: #1 – #5
Various approaches: An album of artists who stayed in AIAV
Trails: #6 – #10
Visitors: Text and interviews with artists living in Yamaguchi Prefecture
Ceaseless flow of people: Text and columns about Artist-in-Residence programs
Encounter: Voices of the local people
Living in the art village
A Map of the art village and its neighborhoods
Chronology of visiting artists
Profiles of artists
trails_a map unfolded from the Art Village I
trails_a map unfolded from the Art Village II

“trails_komichi: Little stories about Artist in Residence Program, AIAV”
Publisher: Village Mayor Mitsuo Isomura
Author and Editor: Machiko Harada (AIAV)
Translated by: Takashi Tokunaga (AIAV), Misato Takada, ESAPP, GLOBALWEB, Machiko Harada (AIAV)
Published by: Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV)
Issue date: February 28, 2009
ISBN: 4-902141-07-8 C0070
Size: A5 irregular, 176 pages

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