“Artists in Residence 1996-2007″

Artists in Residence 1996-2007
This book compiled by IAMAS (the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences/International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) in Gifu Prefecture overviews the AIR activities IAMAS has conducted since being founded in 1996. Under its AIR programs, a total of 20 artists were invited to IAMAS as visiting artists as of 2006, staying for six months and engaging in creative activities through exchanges with lecturers and students. The book contains a record of creative activities by visiting artists, lecturers and students, as well as a chronological table of AIR programs from1996 to 2007. It also presents an outline of related programs. A data book to provide the profiles of artists comes in a supplementary volume. The book and data book were written both in Japanese and English.

Table of Contents
Chronological table of AIR programs and an exhibition history
Writings by artists
Special contributed articles …… Itsuo Sakane, Yukiko Shikata, Sachiko Kanno, Masahiro Miwa, and Masahiro Kobayashi
Works by Artists in Residence
Data book (supplementary volume)

“Artists in Residence 1996-2007″
Edited by: Mika Fukumori, Fumi Hirota, Yosuke Kawamura, Masahiro Kobayashi, Andreas Schneider, and Tadashi Yokoyama
Translated by: Masahiro Kobayashi, Lazo James, Jean-Marc Pelletier, Erin Plant, and Tadashi Yokoyama
Designed by: Mika Fukumori and Andreas Schneider
Published by: Center for Media Culture, the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
Issue date: March 2008
Size: 214×214mm /126 pages (Book) + 144 pages (Booklet)