”Bijutsu Techo” (The March 1988 issue) , Feature: Artist-in-Residence programs: Study abroad and create abroad

"Bijutsu Techo” (The March 1988 issue), Feature: Artist-in-Residence programs: Study abroad and create abroad
This magazine introduces toreaders Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programs implemented in various countries and examines Japanese AIR activities carried out in the late 1990s, or in the earliest days of AIR in Japan, exploring their future possibilities.
In the first half of the feature pages, the current status of AIR programs abroad is reported with a focus on about 50 AIR institutions, including P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in the U.S., Cité Internationale des Arts in France, and the Academy Castle Solitude in Germany. Moreover, it also contains interviews with Japanese artists who participated in AIR programs.
In the latter half, the current status of Japanese AIR programs is examined from the perspective of cultural support and regional development, and information on overseas study/training programs and subsidy systems available in Japan is offered, together with Japanese artists’ accounts of AIR experience. For Japanese AIR programs, a list of eight programs underway at that time is provided.

Table of Contents
Artist-in-Residence Program Guide by Country (the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, and India)
Artists’ experience with overseas studies/AIR programs: Yasufumi Takahashi, Shigeaki Iwai, Oscar Satio Oiwa, Shigeru Hasegawa, Yoshiaki Watanabe, Keiichi Bando
The current status of Japanese AIR programs ……. Makoto Murata
Corporate philanthropy and contemporary art …….Sumiko Kumakura
A list of AIR programs in Japan
A list of overseas study scholarship and subsidy systems for artists and researchers

“Bijutsu Techo” (The March 1998 issue)
Publisher: Atsushi Oshita
AD: Hitoshi Suzuki
Published by: Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha Co., Ltd.
Issue date: March 1, 1998
Size: A5/284 pages