About this site
AIR_J is a Website dedicated to disseminating information about Artist-in-Residence programs across Japan in both Japanese and English. Artist-in-Residence (AIR) is a short-term residence program to support creative activities of artists, creators, and scholars. AIR_J website provides information on AIR programs in Japan, such as the outline, achievements, and application requirement of each program, to those living abroad who are interested in AIR programs and culture of Japan. It also offers the cross-searchable database of AIR programs, FAQ, interviews and essays to update the user with the latest information of AIR programs in Japan and abroad.

Published and administered by Kyoto Art Center
Designed by So Hashizume
System designed by Kenji Kobayashi

History of AIR_J website
1993 – 1994 The Japan Foundation organized “Artist-in-Residence Study Group” to make an extensive research on about 150 AIR organizations and institutions in Japan and abroad.
1995 “Report of Artist-in-Residence Study Group” was published. (Publisher: the Japan Foundation)
2001 The bilingual database website AIR-JAPAN launched.
2006 The website AIR-JAPAN updated and relaunched.
2010 New website AIR_J including a search engine launched.
2019 Administrator has been transferred to Kyoto Art Center from the Japan Foundation.

About Kyoto Art Center
Kyoto Art Center was established in April 2000 and aims at supporting various artistic activities, providing information about arts, and promoting communication between the citizens and artists through arts. Kyoto Art Center organizes multidisciplinary art projects including Artist in Residence program as well as develops art network through collaboration with Japan and all over the world.